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Kris Griffith

Software Engineer

I love creating things that I can show to others. For me, it validates my skills and pushes me to be the best that I can be.

About me 

I'm an engineer focused on computer vision and iOS development. I like to develop things for the real world like apps and software that's easy to use and functionally helpful. When I work on a mobile app I like to make sure the user experience matches the functionality, and vise versa. I'm proficient in user interface design and in Xcode storyboards to create fully custom views and objects, as well as data management like CoreData and Google Firebase, and I design my own advertisements and logos using photoshop when necessary. I'm currently based in Houston, Texas and looking for work in the greater Tokyo area. If I'm not at a Starbucks on my laptop I'm either learning Japanese, reading books on self-improvement, or finding new useful frameworks to add to my apps.



What I've done so far 

I've released two apps available for download on the Apple App Store to date. These were both started as personal projects to improve my development skills that later became apps that I wanted to see through to completion. Both apps helped me in unique ways to grow skills that I sought to improve such as user interface and user experience, and more technical skills like image processing and database integration. I've also worked on countless projects on the side to explore new frameworks and API's that interest me.

My first app is a computer-vision app, called Rezistr, which lets users scan resistors with their camera to determine the resistance value without the use of traditional lab equipment. This app started as my university engineering final project and evolved into a full app for other engineers or electricians to use. With the variety of iPhone camera hardware it is a real challenge to tune image processing algorithms to fit in every situation, but I continue to explore new ways to improve the app and decided to release it in its current state to help those who find use in it.


My second app, Japaneasy, is a step in a completely different direction towards language learning and memorization. Users are taught the basics of Japanese kana through quizzes, flashcards, and more. Lessons are built for repetition which is key for memorization, and quizzes to help check your progress.


To find out more about either of these, follow the links below or send me an email with your questions.

I'm currently working on a third app for the app store called HourlyPay. This application keeps track of a person's work schedule to track their shifts and estimate how much money they should receive on their next paycheck. Written in Swift and using CoreData to save shifts to the device, HourlyPay is a practical app for anyone who wants to keep track of their pay and record hours worked.







Frameworks and APIs 

Various Frameworks and API's I've used in my projects. 








Firebase FCM








Push Notifications


Facebook SDK









A little background 

My very first introduction to coding came from web design using HTML. I started building websites in a text editor and creating banners and buttons in photoshop for video game websites or discussion boards with my friends. From the age of about 14 my interest grew and I started picking apart my favorite video games to see how they worked and made changes here and there coding modified versions of games that I could play online on servers I hosted. Even earlier than that I was creating 3D environments to play in using game engine development software Hammer World Editor for the Source Engine. The levels I created were originally for my friends and I to enjoy, but now have over one million subscriptions combined.

In high school I was part of a group that worked on my school's website, and went on to win a competition to create a website for my local animal shelter. It wasn't until college that I started to take an interest in app design where I chose as my senior project to create a resistor identification app. The project was successful and I went on to complete my degree in Electrical Engineering. Post-college, life took me in a different direction where my first professional job was in electrical design for buildings using Autocad and Revit. After about a year in this field it was apparent that it wasn't for me, and I decided to return to my roots in programming with app design which encompassed many of the skills I already developed over the years. I took some time off and built a more user friendly version of my resistor project, Rezistr, for the app store as well as my Japanese kana learning app, Japaneasy. In-between I would learn how to use various frameworks and API's I found useful such as Google Firebase, Facebook SDK, and others. 


Contact Me

I'm currently living in Houston, Texas. Resume available upon request.

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