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I started Rezistr in my final year of college as my senior project to demonstrate the image processing capabilities of a phone's mobile processor and camera. By the time I graduated I put out a limited working demonstration, but it still had potential to grow. I've since picked up the project and re-coded it from the ground up to become a publicly available app for iPhone users to use.

Rezistr isn't perfect, but if I can help even a handful of engineers or electricians to be more productive then I consider it a success.


Do it faster

Stop looking up resistor color charts and move on to what's important. Leave the calculating to Rezistr.

Lost and found

Need to pick out a resistor from the rest? Type in the value you're searching for and we'll find it for you.

One by One

Personal Assistant

Manual input by color or by value if necessary.

Selected values are read aloud (if you so choose) for a more personal touch.

Value Adjustment

Show it Off

Something go wrong? Incorrect values can be corrected quickly and easily.

Save or share an image of your detections.

Save it for later

Want to keep track of a set of resistors and their values? Save those resistors to a list for future reference.

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